Extra benefits

Referral bonus

Each user signed up at account.gmt.io has their own referral link.
For each user signed up using your referral link, you will receive 5% of the amount of all their purchases on the NFT Marketplace.
Royalties are paid in GMT tokens to virtual wallets.

NFT Trial period

How to start NFT Trial period

Every new signed up user, as well as all users who have not previously owned NFT from The Greedy Machines collections can take advantage of the NFT trial period.
On the NFT Game page we offer 3 trial NFTs to choose from: XS, S and M series. Click on the one that suits you best.
Pay attention to the price of NFTs. Later if you want to get your BTC rewards sent to a real BTC wallet, you'll have to buy an NFT of a power no lower than the one you choose here.

During NFT Trial period

NFT trial period lasts 14 days. During this time, you can just hold NFT and receive rewards as a holder or participate in the game and receive rewards as a player.
You will receive real BTC rewards as if you owned a real NFT. The only difference is that the rewards are saved to your virtual balance.
Owners of trial NFTs have full access to all the features of the NFT Game section, but as part of the Trial League.
The Trial League includes only the owners of the NFTs and pools created by them. You will not interact with the owners of real NFTs and their pools.
In the other aspects, everything is the same as it is for usual NFT owners. Within the trial period, you can:
  • create a pool
  • join someone else's pool
  • play the game
  • get discounts on maintenace fees
You can buy a real NFT right away and not wait for the end of the trial period.
Then you will get a 100% discount on maintenance fees (C1 and C2) for the rest of your trial period. With this discount, you can get up to 5 times more net rewards, as maintenance fees are usually 80% of the reward.
For example:
You've bought a real NFT on the 2nd day of your trial period. For the remaining 12 days, you will get a 100% discount on maintenance fees and receive larger rewards.

At the end of NFT Trial period

During the trial period and at the end of it, you can grab your rewards from the virtual balance to your real BTC wallet.
To grab rewards you received for the trial period, you have to buy NFT of a power no lower than your trial one. You can do so on our NFT Marketplace.
If you don't buy NFT or buy a lower grade, you can't grab the rewards.
For example, if your trial NFT was the M series, your real NFT should be the M, L, XL or higher series.
After you buy a real NFT, all rewards accrued on your virtual balance will be credited to your BTC wallet along with the first real NFT reward.
If you bought NFT and want to play the game, you need to join a pool or create your own again, since your league has changed from Trial to Pro, which only includes owners of real NFTs.
You can also disable your trial early and not buy NFT, but then all the rewards you received for the trial will be lost. Trial period can't be resumed.